You have reached the academic personal website of Victor Roudometof, Associate Professor of Sociology with the Department of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cyprus. This website has been developed in order to offer an overview of various academic activities (as an author, researcher, administrator, expert and commentator). Space restrictions make it impossible to offer such an overview at the University webpage (see www.ucy.ac.cy/~roudomet.aspx).

In this website, you may read a brief biographical note, short descriptions of various research projects & an overview of the evolving research agenda. You may also glance at a photo gallery of various books and edited volumes and download a short 4-page CV in pdf format. You can also browse the full list of undergraduate and graduate courses offered as well as the various forms of expertise rendered to agencies, journals and publishers. Finally, this website features a full presentation of past administrative experience.

Contact Information

Victor Roudometof
Department of Social and Political Sciences
University of Cyprus
Post Office Box 20537
Kallipoleos 75

e-mail address: roudomet@ucy.ac.cy
Tel.: 00357-22894560 & 00357-22894561
[Departmental Secretariat, Office Hrs. 9 to 2.30 Monday to Friday]
00357-22894573 [Office, Messages]
Departmental fax: 00357-22894559

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